Lead Digital Product Designer based in Barcelona currently building design team in the med-tech European startup


Focus On


Defining goals and needs of the customers and business


Identify pains and problems and come up with possible solutions


Organizing and structuring content of services


Testing workflow on users at each fidelity step

Service Design

Organizing infrastructure and components to improve quality of service


Creating animations and designing micro-interactions


Talking with users in their language using the tone of voice of the brand


Managing expectations between stakeholders and the development process


Understanding the basics of web and mobile app development


Case Study


Finding a product-market fit


How to start a career with Avito App


A virtual assistant for e-commerce


Personal treatment assistant


Internal medical services


Tracker to Relieve Pain


Music that fit the pace of the runner


Supply chain management service

Like VR

Development of virtual and augmented reality


Redesign of Rambler news main page


Redesign the dashboard of the Cloud

The Book Aloud

Audiobook streaming service


Live broadcasting platform


Embeded player


A platform for organizing training sessions


A platform for education, marketing and meetings

AR Art Gallery

A platform for selling arts with augmented reality


ICO ratings from top investors

Marketplace X

The marketplace to buy and sell currency


A platform to get a scholarship



June 2020 — Current

Lead Product Designer

European direct-to-consumer teeth-aligner and oral care startup that provides an affordable and convenient way to straighten teeth with aligners treatment.

Here I found myself balancing between strategy and execution: from organising teams and processes to leading design projects, from conception to delivery.

  • Released a new version of the main website and whole acquisition funnel with global localisation
  • Released from scratch a brand new mobile application for the patients of the clinic to help them follow treatment plan
  • Released from scratch internal back-office ecosystem to provide end to end directly to customer delivery service
  • Organised design processes in four cross-functional teams
  • Organised brand strategy and tone of voice refinement process
  • Organised product discovery processes
  • Conducted custom workshops to provide a fast track to onboard new members
  • Organised wiki knowledge base about the company, teams and active streams
  • Build a Design Department and have grown it the up to 4 people
What I've learnt
  • How to work on the global market
  • How to work with expectations between product team and stakeholders
  • How to organise the process in the non-product team to make them satisfy the results
  • How to lead a product team
  • How to manage a project and contribute as a product designer simultaneously

March 2017 — June 2020

Product Designer

Yandex is a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning.

I used to work in a cross-functional team with engineers and business owners to deliver the best solution possible for e-commerce services. There I experienced the entire creation process from preforming the research on real service users and defining a problem to testing hypotheses and delivering the final solution.

  • Relaunched the mobile app
  • Launched the ability to buy products by the voice assistant
  • Launched a system for collecting feedback from users on the service
  • Improved the method of receiving parcels
  • Performed as a speaker at the huge Russian conference (RIW), about restarting the product
What I've learnt
  • How to ask the right question
  • How to conduct interviews with the service customers: screening interviews, customer development
  • How to find and identify the source of the problem
  • How to solve problems with available methods depending on the situation
  • How to conduct user testings with the real users
  • How to use real data in prototypes
  • How to do a public speech
  • How to use user story mapping in working projects

May 2016 — March 2017

Rambler Group
Product Designer

Rambler is a Russian search engine and one of the biggest Russian web portals which covers the magority of the media services in Russia.

I was always attracted to new challenges so I move to the largest media holding in Russia to design and implement new media products in the company's ecosystem.

What I've learnt
  • How to manage multiple projects
  • How to prioritize own tasks
  • How to find a way to reach an agreement
  • How to sell an idea
  • How to launch huge projects from scratch
  • How to present the solution to the public

April 2016 — May 2016

Product Designer

Zvooq is a legal music streaming service available in iOS, Android apps, and on the website.

Being a musician I was really lucky to work with the broadcasting music team to deliver a web version of the main mobile product.

  • Organised an information architecrure of the project
  • Released an embedded player for broadcasting music on partners' sites
What I've learnt
  • How to organise working process with analytics
  • How to work with scrum

February 2015 — April 2016

Product Designer

Russian software company for webinars and online meetings. An online course builder and broadcast provider for events of any scale.

I joined the company as the sole in-home designer to relaunch the current platform.

What I've learnt
  • How to work with the developers' team
  • How to work on the project in tandem with a product manager
  • How does release circles work
  • How to set upp user funnel
  • How to analise product metrics
  • How to set up cohort analysis

May 2014 — February 2015

Zelenski (Zelenski Corporate Travel Solutions)
Product Designer

ZCTS is one of the industry leaders in travel solutions, the exclusive partner of Egencia, and EXPEDIA INC. Company in Russia. Among the priorities of ZCTS-EGENCIA Russia are consulting and analytical assistance in optimising and saving on business travel through afiicient travel management.

My first job after three years of freelancing started with work on about nine different travel services in tandem with marketing and development departments.

  • Prepared printed materials for a major exhibition ZCTS-EGENCIA Russia.
  • Participated in launches of new projects of the company
  • Improved user's interaction with current services
  • Participated in the launches of successful marketing campaigns
  • Participated in redesign processes of the current products
What I've learnt
  • How to work with project managment tools
  • How to work in tandem with the art-director
  • How to do front-end with html and css
  • How to make html5 animated banners
  • How to work with flash
  • How to work with different color spaces
  • How to work with typography
  • How to make a preprint for multi-page publication
  • How to fit with deadlines
  • How to focus and contribute