Jury Alyavdin

Jury Alyavdin Product Designer

Lead Product Designer with 10+ years of expertise in solutions that power startups and streamline enterprises


Product design, Product Strategy, Illustrations, Branding, Animations, 3D


Medtech, Fintech, E-com, Selfcare, Health & Fitness, B2B, Media, Education


Lead Product Designer, Design Manager, Creative Director, Product Owner


Focus and principals

Clearly define business goals and customer needs

Identify the real problem beneath layers of superficial issues

Embrace a growth mindset and collaborate to find the best solution possible

Manage expectations between stakeholders and counterparts

"Fake it first" approach: build confidence by learning through real-like experience

Systems thinking: holistic view and understanding the interrelationships

Leverage data-driven decision making process

Consider constraints and push boundaries

Make smooth customer experience with micro-interactions


Case Study


Streamline teeth alignment process


Where brand meets user experience


Enhancing Shares app engagement


Refining mobile application


How to start a career with Avito App


Supply chain management service


Customer management service for coaches


Teeth alignment design tool


A virtual assistant for e-commerce


Internal medical services


Tracker to Relieve Pain


Music that fits with the pace of the runner

Like VR

Development of virtual and augmented reality


Redesign of Rambler news main page


Redesign the dashboard of the Cloud

The Book Aloud

Audiobook streaming service


Live broadcasting platform


Embeded player


A platform for organizing training sessions


A platform for education, marketing and meetings

AR Art Gallery

A platform for selling arts with augmented reality


ICO ratings from top investors

Marketplace X

A marketplace to buy and sell currency


A platform to get a scholarship



I had the opportunity to work with Jury twice (at Yandex and Impress) an in different design teams. So I can really recommend him as a top-notch designer who will care about your team, digital product and your users' experience.

Victor • Creative Product Designer

One of Jury's most impressive qualities is his ability to inspire and mentor his team members. His leadership style fosters a collaborative and creative work environment where each team member feels empowered to contribute their best ideas.

Yerzhan • CTO

He has exceptional skills as a product designer as well as a complex pack of soft skills which made him a great leader. He is a problem solving oriented person which matches perfectly his creativity of building cool, useful and impactful solutions.

Elena • Lead Product Manager



June 2020 — Current

Lead Product Designer

European direct-to-consumer teeth-aligner and oral care startup that provides an affordable and convenient way to straighten teeth with aligners treatment.

Here I found myself balancing between strategy and execution: from organising teams and processes to leading design projects, from conception to delivery.

  • Launched an updated version of the main website, including a comprehensive acquisition funnel, enhanced with global localization features
  • Developed and released a cutting-edge mobile application from the ground up, specifically designed to assist patients of the clinic in adhering to their treatment plans
  • Created an all-encompassing internal back-office system from scratch, enabling a streamlined, end-to-end direct-to-customer delivery service
  • Streamlined design processes through effective organization across four cross-functional teams
  • Spearheaded the development of brand strategy and facilitated the refinement of the brand's tone of voice
  • Led and structured product discovery processes to foster innovation and identify new opportunities
  • Conducted bespoke workshops aimed at expediting the onboarding process for new team members through targeted training
  • Established a comprehensive wiki knowledge base encompassing information about the company, teams, and ongoing projects
  • Founded a Design Department and successfully expanded it to include a team of four professionals
What I've learnt
  • Developed proficiency in navigating the intricacies of the global market
  • Acquired skills in managing expectations and fostering alignment between product teams and stakeholders
  • Mastered the art of structuring processes within non-product teams to ensure satisfaction with the outcomes
  • Cultivated leadership skills essential for effectively steering a product team
  • Learned to adeptly manage projects while simultaneously contributing as a product designer, optimizing for efficiency and collaboration

March 2017 — June 2020

Product Designer

Yandex is a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning.

I used to work in a cross-functional team with engineers and business owners to deliver the best solution possible for e-commerce services. There I experienced the entire creation process from preforming the research on real service users and defining a problem to testing hypotheses and delivering the final solution.

My experience at Yandex was marked by significant contributions to product design and e-commerce service enhancements. The skills and insights I gained have been invaluable in my professional growth, particularly in understanding and implementing user-centered design in technology-driven environments.

  • Led the successful relaunch of Yandex Market mobile app, resulting in a 40% increase in user acquisition and a significant improvement in user experience ratings
  • Innovated in voice technology by integrating a voice-assisted shopping feature, which increased user convenience and boosted e-commerce transactions by 20%
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive system for collecting user feedback, enhancing service responsiveness and user satisfaction
  • Improved the parcel receiving process, streamlining operations and increasing customer satisfaction by 15%
  • Represented Yandex as a speaker at the prestigious Russian Internet Week (RIW), discussing product relaunch strategies, drawing significant industry attention and acclaim
What I've learnt
  • Mastered the art of asking the right questions to identify user needs and problems
  • Became proficient in conducting various types of customer interviews, including screening and customer development interviews
  • Developed a keen ability to pinpoint and tackle the source of problems in service design
  • Gained expertise in using real user data to inform and refine prototypes
  • HLearned to effectively conduct user testing with actual service users, enhancing product relevancy and user satisfaction
  • Acquired public speaking skills, enabling me to confidently present ideas and solutions to large audiences
  • Implemented user story mapping in project workflows, enhancing team understanding and project coherence

May 2016 — March 2017

Rambler Group
Product Designer

Rambler is a Russian search engine and one of the biggest Russian web portals which covers the magority of the media services in Russia.

I was always attracted to new challenges so I move to the largest media holding in Russia to design and implement new media products in the company's ecosystem.

  • Spearheaded improvements in major media products like Rambler News, RNS, WMJ, Lenta, and Championat. These enhancements led to a 15% increase in user engagement and a 10% rise in average viewing time, significantly boosting advertising revenue.
  • Pioneered the complete overhaul and successful launch of Ferra, Passion, resulting in a 20% increase in daily active users.
  • Led the transformation of Letidor, which saw a 25% growth in user base within six months post-launch.
  • Developed and launched 'Instamedia', a cutting-edge CMS platform for mobile apps, enhancing editorial efficiency by 30% and accelerating content delivery by 25%.
What I've learnt
  • Gained expertise in managing multiple large-scale projects simultaneously, ensuring timely and efficient delivery
  • Honed skills in task prioritization, crucial in a dynamic and fast-paced media environment
  • Developed a keen ability to negotiate and reach agreements, contributing to smoother team dynamics and project alignments
  • Mastered the art of pitching and selling ideas, leading to the adoption of several innovative solutions within the company
  • Acquired proficiency in initiating and executing major projects from concept to launch, significantly contributing to the company's strategic goals
  • Enhanced public speaking and presentation skills, effectively communicating solutions and ideas to stakeholders

April 2016 — May 2016

Product Designer

At Zvooq, a premier legal music streaming service for iOS, Android, and web platforms, I found the perfect intersection of my passion for music and expertise in product design. My primary role involved collaborating closely with the music broadcasting team to extend Zvooq's reach beyond mobile applications, focusing on the web platform.

My tenure at Zvooq was a remarkable blend of professional growth and personal passion. The experience of working on a product that aligns so closely with my interests in music was not only fulfilling but also immensely educational. The skills and knowledge I acquired here have been pivotal in shaping my approach to product design, especially in entertainment and media-related projects.

  • Led the organization of the information architecture for Zvooq's web project, enhancing user navigation and accessibility, which resulted in a 20% increase in user session duration on the website
  • Pioneered the development and release of an embedded player for music broadcasting on partner sites. This innovation expanded Zvooq's reach and accessibility, contributing to a 25% growth in user base through partner platforms
What I've learnt
  • Gained substantial experience in collaborating with analytics teams, enabling more data-driven decision-making in design processes
  • Developed a deep understanding of Scrum methodologies, leading to more efficient and agile project management and team collaboration

February 2015 — April 2016

Product Designer

Russian software company for webinars and online meetings. An online course builder and broadcast provider for events of any scale.

In my role as the sole in-house designer at Webinar, a leading Russian software company for webinars and online meetings, I was tasked with the significant challenge of relaunching and innovating the company’s existing platforms. My responsibilities spanned across various aspects of product design, from conceptualization to execution.

My journey at Webinar was marked by significant achievements in platform development and user experience enhancement. The skills and experiences I garnered here have not only enriched my design acumen but also provided invaluable insights into managing large-scale software projects in the field of online communication and education.

  • Successfully relaunched the flagship streaming service, Webinar.ru enhancing user interface and experience, which led to a 30% increase in user engagement and a 20% reduction in user churn rate
  • Conceptualized and launched a brand new mobile application from scratch, catering to the growing demand for mobile access and contributing to a 25% increase in mobile user base within the first six months
  • Developed a new platform for organising training sessions streamlining the process for educators and learners
What I've learnt
  • Learned the intricacies of working closely with developer teams, fostering effective communication and collaboration
  • Developed skills in tandem project management with a product manager, leading to more streamlined and efficient project timelines
  • Gained a thorough understanding of release cycles, enhancing my ability to plan and execute timely product updates
  • Became adept at setting up and analyzing user funnels, leading to more targeted and user-centric design strategies
  • Acquired expertise in analyzing product metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making for design improvements
  • Mastered cohort analysis, which proved instrumental in understanding user behavior and retention strategies

May 2014 — February 2015

Zelenski (Zelenski Corporate Travel Solutions)
Product Designer

ZCTS is one of the industry leaders in travel solutions, the exclusive partner of Egencia, and EXPEDIA INC. Company in Russia. Among the priorities of ZCTS-EGENCIA Russia are consulting and analytical assistance in optimising and saving on business travel through afiicient travel management.

Joining ZCTS, a pioneer in business travel solutions and consulting, marked a significant shift in my career from freelancing to working in a corporate environment. My role involved collaborating closely with marketing and development departments to enhance and launch various travel services.

My tenure at ZCTS was an enriching experience that allowed me to transition seamlessly from freelance to corporate work. The diversity of projects and responsibilities I handled broadened my skill set and provided me with valuable insights into the travel and marketing industries.

  • Created compelling printed materials for ZCTS-Egencia Russia’s major exhibition, contributing significantly to the event's success and brand visibility
  • Actively participated in launching new company projects and successful marketing campaigns, leading to an increase in service adoption and customer engagement
  • Instrumental in improving user interaction with current services, enhancing user experience and satisfaction
  • Contributed to the redesign processes of current products, ensuring they met contemporary standards and user expectations
What I've learnt
  • Learned to efficiently use project management tools, enhancing organizational skills and project tracking
  • Developed the ability to collaborate effectively with art directors, ensuring design coherence and aesthetic appeal
  • Acquired front-end development skills, including HTML and CSS, broadening my technical capabilities
  • Gained proficiency in creating HTML5 animated banners, enhancing web and digital marketing materials
  • Became skilled in Flash, further diversifying my digital design skills
  • Mastered working with different color spaces and typography, crucial for high-quality print and digital designs
  • Learned to prepare preprints for multi-page publications, enhancing my skills in print media
  • Honed my ability to meet tight deadlines and focus on contributing effectively to team goals