Jury Alyavdin

Shares App Social • Investing

Enhancing Shares app engagement


iOS, Android


Product Designer




Shares is an innovative social investing app originating from the UK, designed to foster community-driven wealth-building. Beyond the conventional buy/sell interface, the app encourages users to tap into collective knowledge by starting discussions, learning from experienced investors, and accessing market intelligence data.


When Shares started expanding into Europe, it faced two key challenges:


To create an enticing proposition encouraging potential users to download the app, remain engaged, and spread the word within their networks.


During the ideation phase, a significant focus was on analyzing existing waitlist solutions across the market. Our objective was to understand current practices and their effectiveness and to identify potential gaps that Shares could exploit for better engagement and virality.

Observation of Current Practices:

Identifying Gaps and Opportunities:

Brainstorming Session:

Prototype & Feedback

After prototyping the snake game with stock logos, it was tested on a group, and feedback was collected. The overwhelmingly positive feedback reinforced our confidence in this initiative.


The game was designed with specific objectives:

Professional Resonance

The innovative approach wasn't only a hit among our user base but also resonated powerfully in professional circles. Many industry professionals took to LinkedIn, sharing their delight and surprise with this "hidden gem" of a feature in the Shares app. This professional endorsement amplified the credibility and attractiveness of Shares, further fueling its momentum in the European market.

Developer engagement

The snake game idea resonated so strongly with our development team that a wave of enthusiasm swept across them. This enthusiasm was not just in principle; it translated to action. A passionate group of developers voluntarily opted to work on this game in their spare time. Their dedication and excitement about the project accelerated its development speed by nearly five times. Their eagerness not only showcased the idea's potential but also dramatically fast-tracked the project's completion, ensuring that Shares could launch its unique feature in the European market swiftly.


While most apps relied on traditional waitlist mechanisms or referral bonuses, Shares stepped beyond the norm, offering a unique blend of education, entertainment, and social connection. This strategy, coupled with the extraordinary developer engagement and acclaim from professionals, set Shares apart, driving user engagement and facilitating its rapid growth trajectory in Europe.